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Executive Searches To Find Top Leaders for Your Team

The executive search firm of Conway & Greenwood provides retained searches for businesses nationwide. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, we specialize in searching for highly qualified candidates to fill senior-level executive vacancies.

A Philosophy Of Partnership

We offer a philosophy of partnership, working with you to determine the specific needs of your organization. In addition, we recognize the trust and confidence our clients require of us to manage their executive search needs so we believe in building long-term relationships.

Our Approach

As a retained search firm, we typically manage searches for all key members of your management team, but you can determine the level at which you use our services. Before taking on a new client, we must strongly believe in the company, as we invest much of our credibility and political capital when conducting every corporate leadership search.

Business Meeting

Beginning the Search Process

We employ a national search process to find candidates who embody the skill set and experience you desire and fit within your corporate culture. Our search process starts by working with you to define the scope of the position by:

• Interviewing You
• Confirming the Process and Responsibilities
• Preparing/Distributing the Position Description
• Identifying Potential Candidates
• Reviewing Our Proprietary Database
• Contacting Potential Candidates and Key Industry Sources
• Identifying the Range Of Candidates
• Beginning Initial Interviews
• Preparing Background Summaries
• Submitting the Initial Slate Of Candidates To Your Hiring Manager

Narrowing the Field Of Candidates

After providing you a slate of candidates, we work with you to narrow the field. We work through:

• Building Momentum and Narrowing the Candidate Base
• Obtaining Feedback From You
• Identifying Additional Candidates As Applicable
• Interviewing Candidates
• Facilitating Your Interviews Of Candidates, Participating As Needed
• Receiving Feedback From You On Each Candidate
• Offering Feedback To You From Candidates
• Coordinating Follow-Up Interviews With Top Candidate(s)
• Conducting Reference Checks As Appropriate

Presenting the Offer

Once you have selected a candidate, we present them with an offer. We will:

• Discuss Potential Offers With You Prior To Formatting
• Review the Draft Offer From You
• Present a Firm Offer To the Candidate
• Negotiate the Offer/Counteroffer Process

Post-Placement Follow-Up

When you hire a candidate, we continue to support you. We assist you with the resignation process and prepare the candidate for counteroffers. Our professionals help the selected candidate and you with any transition issues. Once your new executive is on board, we maintain contact with you and your executive, ensuring everyone is completely satisfied.